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-Still Leading at the European Championships!

Dear Supporters,

This is our second update from the European Championships in Riva del Garda, Italy. We have now completed 8 of 12 races in the championship series (allowing one discard) and we remain on top of the leader board! Team Japan is close on our heels, just one point behind, with the Austrians 8 points back.

Over the past two days the fleet scores have been very up and down. The steep cliffs of Lake Garda are famous for many reasons including funneling wind down the right side of the course. We’ve been exercising starting on port to allow ourselves to be one of the earliest boats heading right. This seems to be a good ticket as we’ve rounded the windward mark in the top 4 boats 5 races out of 8. Similarly, a gybe set down wind allows you to get back into the wind running down the right side of the course (left hand side of the run looking downwind).

The trickiest part of the day is late afternoon when the thermal generated southerly wind begins to die for the evening. There are massive and unpredictable shifts occurring all over the race area. Staying consistent during these periods is difficult but rewarding. We have 4 races over two days of fleet racing remaining with the medal race scheduled for Saturday. The forecast over the next two days looks questionable with lots of rain, possible thunderstorms and unsteady wind. It could be a very exciting ending!

The regatta website is:


Stay Tuned,

Sarah Mergenthaler Amanda Clark

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